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Beginner’s Class covers basic hand-building skills and glazing. Intermediate continues to hone those skills as well as basic wheel work. The Art Studios houses two kilns for in-house firing. Some members go on to sell their wares at the annual Art Studios Winter Sale, held every November.


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“To me, pottery is very forgiving because you don’t have to be an artist. It’s challenging and you go with it and discover things and in the process you can become really creative.”




79d2d15029ef9e01ddc9e3775265105e“I love working with the clay. The texture and it’s so tactile – the clay all wrapped around and between my fingers -reminds me of playing like a kid. There’s something very comforting about it.”




“Glazing is exciting because you get to play with colour, accents, stains, layering and you’re never a hundred percent sure of the outcome. So seeing it after its been fired – it’s always a surprise how it turn out – teaches you to let go”  

Pottery Wheel

At the Intermediate Pottery level clients have the opportunity to learn how to “throw” on the pottery wheel.