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Art & Creativity

  Art & Creativity is a clinically supported class that facilitates participation in meaningful art activities for members who are early in recovery and not yet ready for regular classes at The Art Studios. In addition, Art & Creativity provides the following: • A safe, comfortable and supportive environment and sense of community • Art …


Beginner and Intermediate classes are available to those interested in Drawing. Occasionally there are specialty drawing classes, such as Advanced Perspective Drawing and Introduction to Optical Illusions.  

Mixed Media

Mixed Media involves the usage of found objects, brush stroke, dot, line, form, paint and more while focusing on colour concepts, composition and other art-techniques as they arise.  “Mixed Media is probably the most amazing class at The Art Studios. You have so many possibilities because there are so many different kinds of objects and …

Older Adults

  “For a bunch of depressed people we sure do laugh a lot!!! I look forward to it all week. We have a hoot!!” The Older Adult class is a relaxed but structured class for all levels of abilities. Breaking into song, telling jokes and stories and painting make for a good class.     …

Open Studio

      Open Studio time is for members to use the studio space at The Art Studios to work on their own projects. Designated Open Studio times vary according to class schedules.     Save Save Save


Both Beginner and Intermediate painting classes are offered at The Art Studios. Occasionally an Advanced level is offered as a Workshop.   “I believe that part of my recovery is staying busy making art. The Art Studios helped me on this road.” -Yaho-Hanan


  Beginner’s Class covers basic hand-building skills and glazing. Intermediate continues to hone those skills as well as basic wheel work. The Art Studios houses two kilns for in-house firing. Some members go on to sell their wares at the annual Art Studios Winter Sale, held every November.   “To me, pottery is very forgiving …

Print Making

  The Art Studios offers both Beginners and Intermediate Printmaking classes.  Members learn to use linoleum as the medium.. and carve beautiful relief prints, ink them up and put them through the press.      


As with all other classes, the Youth class can have a profound effect on youth living with a mental health diagnosis. The Art Studios provides a safe place and guided activities to facilitate the safe expression of feelings which may be difficult to verbalize. Art-making also provides a non-threatening group experience to clients who may …