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Silent Auction Donors

The Art Studios’ Annual Silent Auction Fundraiser

In 2013, when The Art Studios was about to be closed, many people and organizations, including GlobalTV, CBC, The Vancouver Sun, CityTV, APTN, Sound Therapy Radio and The Georgia Straight rallied round to save it with Private Donors and Vancouver Coastal Health. As a result our Annual Silent Auction became even more important than ever due to a much-reduced budget.


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The Art Studios Silent Auction 2014

Funds raised through the auction go to buy books, paint, pottery glazes, equipment, canvases and to pay for special workshops that assist and inspire the members.


We would like to show our grateful appreciation for the continued support from Silent Auction Donors, past and present. Not only do you help keep The Art Studios program alive but you strengthen the connection and acceptance in the larger community of people living with mental health and addiction issues.


The Art Studios Annual Winter Sale & Silent Auction

If you are interested in supporting us with a donation please contact us by emailing:

Thank you from everyone at The Art Studios!!!


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