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Yaho Hanan

At 56 Yaho has “learned’ to be content doing his art. Since 2007 he has participated in many classes, workshops and open studios at The Art Studios. With fond memories, of art classes of old he had a lot of pleasure working with the various Occupational Therapists and Rehab Therapists of Art Studios in and …

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“I’ve been told that I have a little natural talent which always feels good but something else was going on and it seemed more important.  I began to meet people, talk and socialize: it seemed like my isolation had left me a little terrified of those sort of things but I stuck it out.  At …

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My name is Iris, I have a diagnosis of Clinical Depression, Anxiety and P.T.S.D.  I have been coming to the Art Studio for the last six years. At first I was very reluctant to go, it took me a couple of months just to be able to sign up for it. When I was called …

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I moved to Vancouver from Canmore AB, my home for nearly 30 years. I had friends, an incredible recovery community and good home to live in. My clinical depression had been successfully treated for about 10 years, but my daughter was in Vancouver, and we only saw each other once or twice a year, and …

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I can remember the days when there were some O.T.s who ran some classes in printmaking, drawing, pottery and painting. But they had a big dream of having a program called “The Art Studios” where there would be a variety of different classes, run by the members for the members or the O.T.s assisted by …

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  I am an Occupational Therapist and an artist who has worked at the Art Studios since its early beginning. For twenty years I have been privileged to work with many individuals who have a mental illness and/or addiction who are artists. They did not know they were artists before they came to The Art …

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My name is Colleen. When I was 22 years old I had my first nervous breakdown and was diagnosed as Bi-Polar, with PTSD and Anxiety.  After initial bad experiences with doctors and medications, I refused to take any medication for years.  And I refused to accept my diagnosis. 


Being connected to and a part of The Art Studios program has helped me tremendously throughout my recovery and journey to heal. I have been a member of the studios for several years now. Back when I first started as a teenager I was recognized as an agoraphobic. Attending the Youth Group was literally the …

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  The Art Studios has given me motivation and inspiration, to work and create independently. It has taught me skills to transfer to other areas in my life and helped me in building relationship with others. I have the opportunity to work one on one with a deaf individual and use my A.S.L. skills. It …

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What Others Say About Us

  “It has been a place which was part of my recovery from mental illness. Many of my friends use the Art Studio services to help their own recovery. I believe that Art has a special place in the recovery of patients.” “This program is a lifeline to the hundreds of people who use it…there …

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