mellisa Being connected to and a part of The Art Studios program has helped me tremendously throughout my recovery and journey to heal. I have been a member of the studios for several years now. Back when I first started as a teenager I was recognized as an agoraphobic. Attending the Youth Group was literally the only thing that motivated me enough to step outside my front door. I have grown so much since then and The Art Studios continues to play a major part in my life.

I have participated in majority of the courses offered and now assist in one of the Beginners classes. I would not have been able to gain the confidence within myself to do the things I am now capable of doing without the constant support from staff and other members of the program. It is with that continual encouragement and belief in my abilities that I have now recently expanded my dedication to helping others and have become a peer support worker under mental health.

I have also noticed considerable improvement within my own artistic skills from having access to this wonderful resource. The safe and accepting environment provided ensures comfort-ability to explore varied creative interests while also strengthening interpersonal skills for individuals. Needless to say, The Art Studios is truly an exceptional program and I would be lost without it.


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