What Others Say About Us


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“It has been a place which was part of my recovery from mental illness. Many of my friends use the Art Studio services to help their own recovery. I believe that Art has a special place in the recovery of patients.”

“This program is a lifeline to the hundreds of people who use it…there are no other such programs.” David (editorial in The Province)


Art and colors are better than sadness“Many of my patients have benefited greatly from attending The Art Studios, becoming much more functional as a result of their participation in the art program.  The Art Studios provides people with mental illness with a much needed social network which prevents isolation, and for some, may be the only social outlet they have.  At times, The Art Studios have been a life-line for my patients.”


“I have always been impressed by The Art Studio as it has provided a safe space for people who suffer from mental illness to go, to learn and practice creative and positive activities.  It gives people a purpose in life, a reason to get out of bed.”


“It provides very genuine services that bridge to move from formal psychiatric setting to the lager community.  It is a service that clients have initiated and continue to support since 1992”


“I am a professional art therapist and in the past I have recommended the program to clients.  I know from my own experience as an art therapist and my and my personal experience, how art making can help alleviate depression.”


“This program is so successful it is heralded as a Psycho-Social Recovery model nationally and abroad.  Some clients have been invited to share their stories in PSR (Psycho-Social Rehabilitation) conference presentations given by The Art Studios staff.”


100_3843“I do not know the history of The Art Studios other than it has existed for so long and I can only imagine the amount of work and energy it took to set up such a program.

Driving by The Art Studios has always lifted my heart both by the beautiful mural that participants have painted on the outside and by the thoughts that our society offers such a sensible outlet for people with mental illness.”


“We have seen people grow through their connection to The Art Studios and we have seen the studio grow as a result of the member’s connection to it.”  from The Art Studios’ Portfolio Newsletter: Spring Issue 1998



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